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Millennials drive beer sales

Millennials account for over a third of the U.S. beer consumption, but they are drawn to products that are unique or handcrafted or innovative.  They are not really brand loyal and they like to try different styles and flavors in their beverages.  So how can you attract more millennials to your store …. By focusing on merchandising and promotion of all your beer products.

Design a beer cave destination zone in your store …. Elevate your beer department so that is easy to see as soon as a customer walks into your store and easy to access with self-opening and closing doors.   Beer caves are usually a few degrees colder than your refrigerated walk in cooler so you are able to maintain that "frosty cool" 29 degree temperature without sacrificing other refrigerated products in the walk-in.   Beer caves increase your assortment offering, encourage larger basket rings and enable fewer out of stocks by offering multiple package sizes.  

Feature national and regional craft beers with an easy to see and easy to access dedicated walk-in cooler that presents your millennial shoppers with a wall of product to shop.   The large door openings provide good visibility to your product display and the LED lights fully illuminate the display and grabs the shoppers' attention.​

Featured products:   Styleline ABC Door for Beer Cave and Styleline Classic Doors for Craft Beer