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​​​Darius for Retail connects convenience stores, their b​rands and their shoppers.



Darius makes cross-selling and upselling easy. You can convert fuel purchasers into food shoppers and vice versa, attract new customers and design offers that appeal to new audiences and younger shopper groups.


Your Shoppers

Darius makes it possible for convenience store and fuel retailers to deliver personalized, relevant shopping messages, experiences and rewards that make your shoppers feel special. And when you make them feel special… well, you can guess the rest!


Your Brands

Darius helps convenience store and fuel retailers build and strengthen relationships with the brands you stock. You both benefit. You both gather valuable data and customer insights. You both grow your business.​ 


​​​​​To see how this all comes together to grow business for c-store and fuel retailers, please see our short video and get in touch.​​​​

For more information contact:  Jim Neumeier @ 314-298-6461​ or​​